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Why consider fresh food

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Many of us wake up in the morning, go to the fridge and pour ourselves a glass of orange juice or apple juice. It tastes delicious, doesn’t it? However have we ever considered whether it is doing us any good? So why consider it now, especially when the packaging itself claims rich in Vitamin C and rich in Iron. I am sure some of them even claim 20% extra Vitamin C and 10% extra fibre. Sounds great and is sure going to save me extra time and energy squeezing out fresh juice every day.

So why eat fresh when we are getting all these nutrients in packaged foods and why waste extra time and energy.

In my first blog today I am not going to urge you, but will ask you to think about that in what ways fresh produce can do you much better than packaged and canned. I am not a dietitian nor a doctor, but just a curious consumer. I want to know what I am eating and drinking is right for me. I am sure you will start questioning after reading this first post. What if I tell you that packaged juices are doing you same amount of damage as soft drinks, sure you will be shocked and half of you may even say what rubbish? I want you to consider these factors before ignoring this harsh truth:

  1. Why does a glass of fresh juice appears different from bottled or packaged juice?
  2. Why do freshly squeezed juices taste less sweet or taste more sour than packaged juices?
  3. Why do people who don’t drink soft drinks but just juices, find it equally hard loosing that extra fat off their belly?

Confused? I was too, unless I decided to look into this and collided with the harsh truth.

Now here is the harsh truth about packaged juices. All these companies who are into manufacturing of packaged juices add a good amount of sugar or use even a much worse ingredient called corn syrup. It serves two needs-One the customers find the juice very delicious and second the companies save thousands using a cheaper substitute of sugar, hence a good cheap product with a great potential market.

There are plenty of disadvantages of these artificial sweeteners, taste-enhancers; processed sugar, corn syrup and preservatives towards our health. They are one of the major causes of a fat belly. These substitutes and artificial sugars have changed the role of insulin and sugar in our body. The role of sugar is to release energy to the muscles and other vital cells during our day-to-day activities, and the role of insulin is to help in fat and carbohydrate metabolism by absorbing glucose from the blood. What’s happening now due to these artificial sugar substitutes is that our hormones are responding very differently. The excess sugar is now being stored as fat due to change in insulin sensitivity in our body. As  a  result, we are gaining extra fat on our bellies, have less energy during the day, feel more tired and experience mood swings. Did not think about all this before, did we?

I guess it is good to understand how our body works and how our body can respond to various foods in the market today. Stay tuned for the next post where I will share how we can make informed decisions and some advantages of fresh foods.

So make informed decisions, eat fresh and stay healthy.

–          NAKUL BAJAJ