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Soya Chaap Salsa

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I made this Indian snack at home the other day. “Soya” is a rich source of protein amongst vegan and vegetarians.

All one needs to do is either stir fry or steam these soya sticks, then cook them for 20 minutes in a thick red pasta sauce. I prefer it garlicky and spicy, hence it suits my taste. Keeping the ingredients fresh is the best way to go, so make the pasta sauce from scratch. This is a very healthy dish if you are coming straight back from a work out, as its rich in protein and you need protein to repair and maintain your muscles.



Looking for what to cook fresh


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Its not always easy to buy everything fresh and cook a meal out of it. Most of us are busy in our daily lives and others just can’t be bothered or are just out of ideas to cook fresh food. Cooking fresh is not an easy task, as everyone is not trained nor experienced to use every fresh ingredient for cooking. For example, in order to cook a fresh pasta sauce one has to know how many tomatoes to use for 500 grams of pasta, whether tomatoes have to be seeded or not, whether one should use tomatoes with or without a skin and how to easily remove the skin from the tomatoes without cooking the inside. In short, every little detail matters. So how  can we overcome this obstacle? The answer is pretty simple. All you have to do is, go on the internet to research about a recipe or use a reputed recipe book that uses fresh ingredients. Difficult tasks? The good news is that you may not have to do either. “Thinking WHY?”

Because we at EAT ALL FRESH, will provide some excellent recommendations, where you can easily follow the recipes to cook fresh and delicious food.

1. RAW MOUNTAIN KITCHENWe have known them for over two months now. Their recipes are simple and easy to make. The best thing about them is, that they are very creative. Ninety percent of the times you will end up finding a recipe that is unheard or not tried before. Trust me you will love everything they have to offer, and yes all ingredients are fresh.

2. LOCAL KITCHEN:This is yet another excellent blog which focuses on cooking with local ingredients. Most of these ingredients are easily available in the local markets. They have recipes going back to 2009, so if you are out of cooking ideas and want to try something new, local kitchen blog is a must visit. You will find everything here – appetizers, soups, mains, desserts and even birthday cakes. The only drawback about this blog is that the pictures are irresistible. You will go looking for a healthy recipe, but the cakes/desserts will pull your attention, and “we” want you to eat healthy. So if  you love cooking and want to try a new recipe, this blog is the good place to visit.

3. SIMPLY MADE BY ANGIE:  This particular blog was made to provide tips, information and recipes to eliminate toxic from our lives and for us to enjoy healthy living. The writer of this blog aims to provide information to make us aware of things that can be damaging for us and how by doing one single thing everyday, one can remove toxic things from our lives and become fresher everyday. The only drawback about this blog is that you may not find a lot of recipes. However if you want to improve the quality of your life and make your life more chemical free, this blog is a must visit.

Remember : We are in control of our diet. Only we will let ourselves down and it is only us who may have to learn to take a final stand.

Eat all fresh and stay healthy 🙂