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Fresh Chocolate Recipe

Easter is here and we all know what is Easter known for – Yes you are thinking right, it’s time for chocolates.

This Easter we are bringing you some great information on chocolates and also a recipe from a young talented pastry chef from Sydney, Isha Gadhok. She has completed her degree from Le Cordon Bleu, Sydney University and has worked as a pastry chef for Max Brenner Australia and Inter Continental, Sydney.


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About Couverture Chocolate

Couverture chocolate is a high quality chocolate which is majorly used by chefs for cooking and preparing confectionery. This chocolate is made from pure cocoa solids (a good content is at least 35%). Its richness is guaranteed due to high presence of cocoa solids and cocoa butter (at least 32%). Cocoa butter is what gives couverture chocolate a melt in the mouth delectability. Couverture chocolate can be of three types – Dark, milk and white chocolate.

Dark chocolate is what we recommend. This is broadly famous among connoisseurs and chefs. The reason for its popularity is the higher content of cocoa solids as compared to milk and white couverture chocolates. Dark couverture is made from cocoa solids, cocoa butter, sugar, vanilla and lecithin (an emulsifying agent). This chocolate has no added milk solids as compared to milk and white couvertures, therefore is the most pure form of chocolate.

Couverture chocolate requires skilful handling to get best results.  It requires a process of tempering before it can be used as a mould, coating or decorating. This process is difficult in a home environment, as special machine may be required with careful monitoring. However the good news is, that you can now pre-tempered couverture chocolate to use for recipes.

Where to buy pre-tempered couverture chocolate?

Now there are many online shops selling pre-tempered couverture chocolates. You can also ask your local pastry shop or contact some local suppliers.

Before melting pre-tempered dark couverture to put to use, keep in mind that if heated at more than 32 degree Celsius you may have to re-temper the chocolate. Hence under any circumstances do not exceed the temperature by 32 degree Celsius and store it in a cool place.

How To Make Moulded Dark Couverture Chocolate?

-Recipe by Isha Gadhok.

You Need:

1. Polycarbonate Moulds                     2. One Soft Cloth 3. One Cotton wool                                                 4. 500 grams of pre-tempered Dark Couverture           

Stage1. Polish inside of polycarbonate mould with cotton wool.

Stage2. Melt the dark chocolate, until it forms a ganache (smooth texture). Make sure temperature does not exceed 32 degree Celsius.

Stage3. Fill the polycarbonate mould with the ganache. Clean the excess with soft cloth.

Stage4. Seal it to make sure the product has good shelf life. Store it in a cool place away from heat. To speed up the process use the refrigerator and enjoy fresh chocolates.

Moulded Chocolates1

Here the green color is due to cocoa butter mixed with food color and spray paint.

Hope you all enjoyed the recipe and the information on fresh and healthy chocolate. Special thanks to the chef for sharing her recipe and her work with Eat All Fresh.

Ending Note: Not all chocolates are unhealthy. Research suggests dark chocolate is rich in anti-oxidants. Some of the bitter ones due to their high cocoa content, help in fat loss. So if you are following a diet program, a bit of bitter dark chocolate made from couverture chocolate can be a good option.


-Nakul Bajaj