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Soya Chaap Salsa


Salsa Chaap (2) Salsa Chaap (1)

I made this Indian snack at home the other day. “Soya” is a rich source of protein amongst vegan and vegetarians.

All one needs to do is either stir fry or steam these soya sticks, then cook them for 20 minutes in a thick red pasta sauce. I prefer it garlicky and spicy, hence it suits my taste. Keeping the ingredients fresh is the best way to go, so make the pasta sauce from scratch. This is a very healthy dish if you are coming straight back from a work out, as its rich in protein and you need protein to repair and maintain your muscles.



I am a health conscious person. Enjoy doing thorough research on healthy food, diet and tips.

3 thoughts on “Soya Chaap Salsa

  1. I wanna to start soya chap business so how to make soya chap stick..


    • Hi Mahaveer,

      I don’t know how to make these sticks. I buy the sticks from where I buy fresh paneer (Indian cheese). The guy provides freshly made chaap sticks. Also I will ask for you on how these get made. Good luck on the business idea. Try find out in your local community from the guys who make chaap, you may find something on the recipe.


      Eat All Fresh


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