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Purchased olive oil of fine quality


Going back few weeks I wrote an article on olive oil, and put emphasis on why olive oil is good for us and how to purchase good quality olive oil. Just to freshen up everyone’s memory, here is the link to that article – How Well Do You Know Your Olive Oil.

Today I went to the market and focused on few points which helped me to purchase the right olive oil.

First thing I looked into was the tinted color glass bottle. This is because the tint color protects the olive oil from direct light which may damage the quality of the oil.

Tint colour bottle for olive oil

For me nutritional information is very important. As you can see on the next picture, the label mentions that the oil has no cholesterol or sodium. Another important thing I looked for is, that which oil is more richer in monounsaturated fats as compared to other oils on the shelf. As you can see, the label mentions 11 grams of monounsaturated fat per serving size (15ml) and 71 grams per 100 ml. Other oils were higher in saturated fats per 100 ml and did not contain enough monounsaturated fats. Monounsaturated fats help in reducing the risk of heart disease by reducing bad cholesterol in blood. These are also known to normalize blood pressure and blood sugar. Hence buying an olive oil richer in monounsaturated fats is always a better choice, so choose the one which is richer in these fats.

 Olive Oil Nutritional Information

Last but not the least, it is very important to know whether the olive oil is fake or authentic. Again in my previous article “How well do you know your olive oil“, there are certain pointers that I highlighted, which may help you to purchase olive oil of finer quality. As you can see below, the olive oil I bought has a certified seal (CERMENT) that guarantees its authenticity from Italy. Also this oil had it nowhere mentioned on the bottle words such as  blended, purified, refined, etc. These words on the bottle mean that the oil is not pure and has gone through some chemical process, hence its not extra-virgin at all. Some of the extra-virgin oils on the shelf had those words written on them. After considering all these signs I was sure that I am buying the product of fine quality.

Olive oil certified seal

Choosing a good product between many bad products is a hard process. It requires time and attention. You are a consumer and you possess the power of knowledge. Don’t let these companies cheat you. Step forward and make a good and informed purchase. Making informed decisions will help your health in a long run and will save you from those extra medical bills.

Eat all fresh and stay healthy 🙂



I am a health conscious person. Enjoy doing thorough research on healthy food, diet and tips.

7 thoughts on “Purchased olive oil of fine quality

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  2. Hi Nakul:)! I find your blog truly inspiring! So I had to nominate you for the “Very inspirational blogger” award. If you wish to accept, you can visit this link for details:
    And even if you’re not too keen on awards, its all right. It has been a pleasure knowing you:). Keep on inspiring!!


    • Hi Nida,

      Thanks for nominating me. I am happy that I am inspiring some people to eat fresh. I am not an awards person. Sorry about that. I will try to inspire more. Thank you so much for your kind words.




  3. I feel like the olive oil section of the supermarket is such a land mine. I didn’t have enough time to sift through the labels so I abandoned my efforts. There is a lot of fake olive oil being sold to us. It’s awful.


    • Hi,

      Yeah it is a tough job. Yeah you are right there are lot of fake olive oil out there. Its hard to get our hands on the true things. At least we can try. I myself am disgusted with the market today. I cannot change the companies but can try help people to out wit these firms and chose a more genuine product.




  4. Thank you for this information! I bought some olive oil just recently that tasted almost rancid. Until that, I didn’t realize how much of a difference there was.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Hostess,

      Tell me about it. These companies are all money makers, and now they have started taking customers for granted. We all tend to believe whatever information is on the package. Every word on the label matters.

      Thanks for stopping by and I am happy that you got something out of my post,




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