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Slow Cooked Lamb’s Leg

1 KGLamb's LegOven Roasted Lambs LegGrated GarlicOven Roasted Lambs LegSpiced MarinatePeeled Lamb's Leg









Slow cooked lamb.

Serves 10.

Preparation time : 20 mins.

Cooking time: 180 mins.

Enjoy over your holidays a fresh recipe.

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Healthy and Eco Friendly Cutting Boards


Which cutting board are you using, healthy or unhealthy?

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Eat healthy and stay fresh.



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Chai “The Indian Tea”

Grated ginger and black pepper corn Indian Chai

In India people don’t enjoy black tea, they enjoy milk tea. But even the milk tea in India is a mix of many flavors. Ginger, black pepper, “tulsi” (green purplish basil leaves), cardamom pods, cloves and loose black tea are boiled together in hot water. After milk is added and boiled on low flame for another 5-10 minutes. The tea is then strained and served with biscuits or toast. This tea is called “Chai“. In India chai is usually enjoyed in morning and evening. Of course you can add sugar as per your taste. One fact about chai is, that it is very rich in anti-oxidants.

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